I am interested in app. Where can I buy it?

The application is aimed to profesional paramedics. Even they cannot buy it individually.The philosophy of the application requires systemic approach with number of EMS ambulances equiped and a regional Cardiocentre has to be involved as well. Please, inform the management of your EMS company about this opportunity.


What are minimal technical conditions and what are expenses so one can use the app?

For users it is necessary to pass simple introduction training to understand functions and cooperation of EMS and Cardiocentre. Continuous IT support is mandatory as well. Expenses relate to the licence for EMS service provider, which depends mainly on the number of EMS ambulances involved and the length of the contract. EMS ambulance and Cardiocentre has to be equiped with smartphone with OS Android and mobile data of course.


Is there version of app with OS different from Android?

No at this moment. Only version for OS Android is available. We presume that version for iOS and OS Windows will be available within few months.


How is data transfer and app itself secured?

Mobile app STEM for OS Android communicates with remote cloud server and its security is covered on every level - from encrypted data transfer, through secured server firewall to everyday server administration and upgrades by our development team.