STEMI solution for Hospitals

Optimize your resource management and reduce costs.

Minimize treatment times and improve patient outcomes.

Cut the rate of false activations of your hospital teams.

Do not waste time and prepare for the patient just-in-time.

Reduce the communication mess.

What will you gain with STEMI?

screen of STEMI app

Receiving relevant patient information such as the ECG, stroke card, or the injury detail via STEMI STROKE and TRAUMA modules directly to your smartphone helps you know what to expect before the patient arrives and prepare accordingly. Moreover, by your remote consultation in ambiguous cases as an expert you help save precious minutes for patient which delivers better patient outcomes.

Simple indication of availability of your hospital center (regarding functionality of equipment or bed capacities) provides accurate and real-time information for the EMS which will help ensure you receive only the relevant patients.

screen of STEMI app

The possibility to change “hotline” between two doctors on their private phones requires no need of personal contact to hand on the on call duty.

Team Activation button enables you to activate your invasive team with a simple tap while sending them all the patient information.

The possibility to forward the case to another hospital center including all the information with a simple tap.

screen of STEMI Hospital Dashboard

The STEMI web-based hospital dashboard receives all the cases as an addition to smartphone-to-smartphone communication with the EMS crew. This is to ensure that no case gets unnoticed.

The accurate monitoring of the position of an ambulance on the map and knowing the ETA allows your teams to get ready just-in-time and optimize your resource management.

All this in a very user-friendly STEMI app for your smartphone and hospital computer.

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