About Us

STEMI Global is a med-tech startup wholly focused and committed to the development of communication technology assisting healthcare professionals in managing emergency situations. It combines progressive IT development approaches and a strong academical and clinical background. Our goal is to deliver a reliable and innovative technological solution with the aim to save lives of patients and improve the quality of their life.

Milan Barger


Milan in his entrepreneurial type of personality enjoys seeking new concepts that turn into a marketable product which saves minutes in acute healthcare and ultimately saves lives and improves patients’ prognosis. He is passionate about co-creating and networking which often lead to new innovations. With his prior experience as a manager in an international reinsurance company he is able to bring a good mixture of skills into the team which help drive experts in the team in the pursuit of the same goal. He has a degree in Finance and Strategic Management. In his free time he loves spending time with family and playing sports with his children.

Peter Illés


Martin Studenčan st.

Co-founder STEMI, Medical Advisor

Is a clinical cardiologist involved dominantly in the field of acute and interventional cardiology. At present he heads the Cardiology Clinic of a Regional Cardiocentre and he is considered to be one of the opinion leaders among cardiologists in the country. In the long term, he is concerned with the issue of myocardial infarction. He has written a scientific monography book and became co-author of the official National Scientific Guidelines related to the issue of myocardial infarction. In an effort to improve time logistics in a prehospital phase and to improve prognosis of these patients he has come up with the idea of communication technology STEMI. Team members appreciate his clear vision and audacious move forward. He never forgets about his family, nature and traveling.

Martin Studenčan

Co-founder STEMI, Marketing Advisor

Results driven digital marketing professional with 6 years of hands-on experience in online performance marketing. Proven ability to deliver effective and measurable strategies to drive revenue growth, new customers and increase brand awareness for B2C and B2B clients. Experienced with various ad exchanges / ad-management tools or SSP's directly from both sides (publisher and advertiser). Practical knowledge of various bidding methodologies. Attention to detail and well organised with the ability to implement strategic plans to achieve goals, specify realistic timescales and achieve maximum team performance. Technical background with experience in front-end programming languages (CSS, HTML, XML-based). Location agnostic; ambassador of the remote working model with the ability to deliver the same results from different work locations. Ongoing research of task management / remote working tools to boost efficiency further for teams and ease cross-team co-operation. Creative ability to think out of the box and come up with ideas, always keen to organise brainstorming sessions to get a different perspective. Martin loves all boardsports, and to work and travel- ideally at the same time.

Ján Puskajler

Technical Advisor

Jan is the leader of the development team. He has rich experience with application design and development thanks to multiple projects that he has worked on in various industries. He has a strong technical background and is enthusiastic about financial sector as well as stock exchange. The words like “can not” or “impossible” are not listed in his dictionary. Jan is always able to come up with one creative idea after another and just loves the latest technologies. Another of his big passions is soccer, which he enjoys very much from the comfort of his chair :). He loves his family and also finds a peacefull solitude in the countryside.


New Media Assistant

Zuzana is professionally an English teacher, interpreter and translator and she simply loves the English language. She is a reliable worker and experienced in working with people. She has just discovered a growing interest in the new media world and is eager to learn and put her best into making the communication technology STEMI known to the world because she believes that it is a great means to help many people. Her faith and family are the two most important things in her life. She enjoys making iMovies to make memories last and playing the guitar.

Andrej Studenčan

Project Consultant

Andrej has been working as a senior project manager in T-Systems Slovakia (Deutche Telekom concern). As a project consultant he is also involved with Stemi Global. Andrej has experience in leading vast and financially demanding programs both in the field of IT and Healthcare industry where he used to steer a program called "Medical redesign". The objective of the program was to increase effectiveness and medical productivity of the network of 14 regional hospitals. Andrej began his career as a financial auditor in Ernst & Young.

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