STEMI’s CEO Milan Barger and COO Peter Illés at IT GALA night

Communication technology STEMI has received the “IT PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2018” award during IT GALA night on October 4, 2018. The prestigious Slovak IT awards have been presented for the 18th time in a row this year.

The event is organized by Digital Visions, the publisher of the well-known PC Revue magazine, and it aims to evaluate and reward the efforts of people and companies within the IT and telecommunication industry. About 80 participants competed in the following categories: IT Project, IT Product, and IT Person of the Year 2018, and the Most Profitable IT Company of the Year 2017.

Communication technology STEMI has won the IT Product of the Year category with the highest score for the assessed originality and innovation of the product, design and features, benefit for the target group, and the actual use.

The technology STEMI enables an immediate picture and voice consultation between a professional paramedic on the field and a specialist in hospital in cases of myocardial infarction and stroke. The hospital team can monitor the position of the ambulance on the map, sees the estimated time of arrival, and also other important clinical information that helps them to prepare for the patient in advance.

We are thankful for the award but at the same time we acknowledge that the biggest thanks go to the professional paramedics and doctors who put much effort into saving people's lives every day. We are happy that communication technology STEMI can be a part of it.