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screen of STEMI app
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Communication technology STEMI smartly connects EMS and hospital teams in cases of:




The Problem

LONG TREATMENT TIMES caused by unnecessary time delays in patient management is a worldwide problem. Causes? A limited ability in establishing the correct diagnosis by a paramedic on the field, a third-party involvement in facilitating remote consultation, temporary unavailability of hospital centers, secondary transportation - you name it.
COMMUNICATION BARRIERS often cause EMS and hospital teams to act in isolation. The use of multiple channels (i.e., dispatch centers, text messages, fax, emails, pagers, phone calls, different apps, etc.) can be a source of much miscommunication, too.

Our Solution

minimizes time and unifies communication

STEMI, STROKE and TRAUMA modules remove boundaries and empower collaboration of teams.

Facilitation of remote diagnosis confirmation leads to reduced treatment times and decreases the number of false activations of hospital teams.

All-in-one communication platform effectively unifies communication.

GDPR compliant and secure information sharing.

Immediate voice and picture consultation eliminates miscommunication and the undesired secondary transportations which increases EMS efficiency.

Monitoring the position of an ambulance and ETA allows the hospital teams to be ready just in time.

Open API enables numerous possibilities for integration.

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Verified by clinical practice

Reduction of the secondary transportation by


Reduction of the total ischemic time by


Embraced by EMS:

of paramedics believe using STEMI benefits the patient²
of paramedics think it is easy to use STEMI²
of paramedics think STEMI makes their work easier²

Sources: ¹ Studencan M, Alusik D, Plachy L, Bajerovska L, Ilavsky M, Karas J, et al. (2018) Significant benefits of new communication technology for time delay management in STEMI patients. PLoS ONE 13(11): e0205832. ²An anonymous survey among paramedics after seven months of active use of the app STEMI, the number of respondents: 394. Slovakia, March 9 - 19, 2018

It is thanks to the technology STEMI which contributed to the fact that I am still here today...

Dušan, a heart attack patient

STROKE module represents a clear benefit for a patient with suspected stroke. It urgently mobilizes all the necessary parts of anamnestic, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures while benefiting the patient. It minimizes the ischemic time which is a key to the extend, character and reversibility of the damage to the brain tissue.

PhDr. Valéria Horóckyová, a paramedic, Košice Emergency

We are not professional cardiologists. Cardiology expert is able to evaluate patient better. This application really help us.

Ľubica Bajerovská, M.D., Head Physician, Košice Emergency, Slovakia

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