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For the patient suffering from myocardial infarction or stroke, immediate medical help is crucial. The speedy arrival of the EMS staff to a patient‘s location is critically important, but so is the immediate transportation to the nearest cardiocenter or neurological center with the goal of performing a special procedure with the aim of opening a blocked heart or brain artery. At present, a large proportion of patients is not directly admitted to specialized centers within the medically accepted time limit. There is still a limited ability among paramedics to establish myocardial infarction or stroke diagnosis while on location with the patient, and many times the patient is first transferred to the nearest local hospital where the diagnosis is established and only then the secondary transportation to the specialized center is arranged. This secondary transportation causes delay that could be harmful to the patient.


The communication technology STEMI enables immediate voice and picture consultation regarding a 12 lead ECG or stroke card with a specialist, cardiologist or neurologist, in the nearest specialized center. If the diagnosis is remotely confirmed, the patient is then transported directly to the center and appropriate treatment procedure can be performed with no time delay. The mobile application STEMI can save the life of your patient.

Communication technology STEMI

Increases the ratio of initial transports directly to a specialized cardio-center or stroke-center

Decreases the number of false activations of the stemi team or stroke team

Saves miles for the paramedics and increases EMS efficency

Enables the cardio-center or stroke-center to monitor the paramedic’s position on the map and the estimated time of arrival

Shortens the total ischemic interval for a patient with myocardial infarction or stroke

Source: Anonymous survey among paramedics after 7 months of active use of the app STEMI, the number of respondents: 394. Slovakia, March 9 - 19, 2018.

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