Slovak Chamber
of Paramedics

"We have tested the app in the region of Prešov and I have to say that it has made our work easier. It concerns mainly ECG, where it is not clear whether it is STEMI or not and ECG record is not that easily readable."

František Majerský, the head of the Slovak Chamber of Paramedics

EMS Falck

"This is amazing. My respect for it. This ECG consultation is really helpful."

Radovan Stadther, M.D., urgentist, EMS Falck

Patient. 6.7.2017

"Thank you for saving my life. I had a heart attack with cardiac arrest. I have survived resuscitation and speedy transportation to the Cardiocenter in Prešov thanks to the application STEMI. I cross my fingers for the application so it can help others."

patient ilan Fabrici, 38 rokov, Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia

Cardio Center Prešov

"It is great. We have been using the app over the last 10 months. Our analysis has demonstrated a decrease in the ratio of unwanted secondary transportation from 35% to 12% and at the same time a decerease of total ischemic interval in stemi patients from 230 to 180 minutes. It really works." Martin Studencan, M.D., PhD.
Head of Cardiological Clinic, Cardio Center of the Teaching Hospital, Presov, Slovakia

"We are not professional cardiologists. Cardiology expert is able to evaluate the patient better. The application really helps us."

Lubica Bajerovska, M.D., Head Physician, Košice Emergency, Slovakia

"The app STEMI is working well, reliably. It is possible to use it in real clinical practice. I see a few variants how the app can be used over time."

Testing of app STEMI

Rasto Kucinsky M.D., interventional cardiologist, Klamath Heart Clinic, OR , USA

EMS Bardejov

"The application STEMI is perfect. It helps us really much. It means assurance for us and definitely a benefit for patients."

Katarina Cepigova, paramedic