About Us

STEMI Global is a med-tech startup wholly focused and committed to the development of communication technology assisting healthcare professionals in managing emergency situations. It combines progressive IT development approaches and a strong academical and clinical background. Our goal is to deliver a reliable and innovative technological solution with the aim to save lives of patients and improve the quality of their life.

portrait - Andrej Studencan

Andrej Studenčan


Andrej is driven by a desire to make a true difference. His experiences include the field of healthcare, finance and IT. He is dynamic and adaptive with a deep sense of ownership and goal-orientation.
portrait STEMI CTO - Illes

Peter Illés


Peter is responsible for architectural design and development planning. He is leading our team of SW developers. He brings valuable team building and management expertise with focus on the process improvement in order to enhance IT operations and software development practices. Peter has over 10-year experience in technical leadership coming from working for several international companies.
portrait - Studencan sr.

Martin Studenčan sr.

Co-founder, CSO

Martin is one of the leaders of invasive cardiology in the country. His expertise and experience are immeasurable for STEMI Global. Thanks to his efforts, the diagnostics of the patient has been improved, the treatment times reduced and also, the logistics costs minimized. One of his academic writings, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLoS ONE, deals with the benefits of STEMI to clinical practice in Slovakia. Currently he is the head of the Cardiology Clinic of J.A. Reiman Teaching Hospital in Prešov.
portrait STEMI CEO - Barger

Milan Barger

Business Development Manager

Milan has extensive experience in management and business strategy. He is especially passionate about bringing digitization into the world of pre-hospital emergencies. He enjoys working collectively with the team in fulfilling the vision of saving minutes, adding life globally. He has academical background in business and economics.

portrét - Prusak

Adam Prusák

Business Development Manager

Adam is key person in bringing STEMI on international markets. He has over 4 years international experience working as key account manager and sales representative. Adam enjoys establishing new relationships abroad with the focus of helping healthcare professionals all around the world to reduce time delays in acute pre-hospital care.
portrét - Kacala

Ľudovít Grega

Project Manager

Ludovit is experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, services industry and construction area. Highly skilled in Strategic Planning, Communication, Motivation and Presentation. He is exceptional in connecting with people focused on prudence and fair approach towards colleagues and customers.
portrait - Zuzana


New Media Assistant

Zuzana is a creative person, who loves to think out-of-the box. She is responsible for marketing content creation and social media communication.
portrét - Kacala


SW Developer

Ivan is one of the in-house software developers. He is currently doing his PhD. in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

portrét - Prusak


Senior SW Architect

portrét - Kacala


SW Developer

portrait - Zuzana


QA Tester

Board of Advisors

portrait - Studencan

Martin Studenčan

Co-founder, Marketing Advisor

Martin is a digital marketing professional with more than 9 years of hands-on experience. His passions are entrepreneurship and founding of successful startups. He is an ambassador of remote work and the founder of Wolfhouse® - helping companies and startups get their teams together.
portrait - Puskajler

Ján Puskajler

Technical Advisor

Ján is one of the company’s board of advisors and shareholders. He is one of the most progressive IT developers leading several international IT projects under his company PrisonLab. His strong expertise is in Blockchain, 3D modelling and AI.

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